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Let us give you the simplest and most helpful answers to your garage door questions by reading our FAQs.

Which is the lightest type of garage door?

According to our specialists in garage door repair Millburn, fiberglass and aluminum garage doors are much lighter than steel or wooden ones. While these materials are lightweight, they still have proven that they are still sturdy at the same time. Also, lighter garage doors mean less power needed to operate them.

Why is my garage door noisy?

Garage doors can be noisy for several different reasons, with the most common problem of rusty or dry hinges or tracks. Another reason could be the garage door opener itself. Chain drive garage door openers are known for being noisy while they move. However, if your garage door is not usually noisy, have it checked immediately.

What is a garage door windload?

As the term implies, windload is the amount of wind force a garage door is rated to ably withstand. Our garage door installation specialists assert that, for safety and security purposes, those who plan to have a new garage door installed should inquire about the windload if they are located in hurricane-prone or high-wind areas.

Does an overhead garage door normally produce a popping sound when opening?

A popping sound is not usual for a properly installed overhead door. The door should always close and open smoothly, without unnecessary noises. Our garage door repair specialists suggest having your door checked if you encounter unusual noises to avoid aggravating defects that are probably only minor and to avoid costly major repairs in the future.

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